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About LaunchCode:

LaunchCode is building a skilled workforce by creating pathways for driven people seeking careers in technology. We are helping jobseekers enter the tech field by providing accessible education, training and paid apprenticeship job placement.

About :

LaunchCode matches potential employees with world class learning resources and job opportunities to help launch careers in the tech industry. They are a nonprofit aiming to expand the tech talent pool, rather than a recruiter looking to move existing talent into different roles. LaunchCode extensively reviews employers and employees, and matches them based on talent need, expertise, and fit. Positions filled by LaunchCoders include Software Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Data Scientist, Mobile Developers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts, IT Project Managers, Network Administrators, Tech Support, and Technical Writers.

(Training) Funding Opportunity:

LaunchCode is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Their funding comes from three sources: donations, public and private grants, and earned revenue from companies for apprenticeship and direct hire placements.

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