Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition (PERC)
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About Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition (PERC):

Pinellas Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition is a non-profit agecy that provides a myriad of services and programs that assist ex-offenders in overcoming the barriers they face when reentering society, in order for them to become and remian ex-offenders. Services and programs include housing, transportation assistance, veterans programs, short-term trainings, employment placement assistance, substance abuse treatment, and many others.

About Career Pathways:

Career Pathways from Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-entry Coalition provides employment services for those with background challenges who are making changes in their lives and seeking employment. These clients are fully vetted, drug screened, and highly motivated. They tend to be some of the hardest working and most grateful employees, according to feedback from our business partners. PERC also offer them support services through their comprehensive case management system to ensure that they have the necessary tools for success.